Collaborative design

We work hand in hand with experts and end users to identify the most relevant inputs and outputs for actionable science.
  • Through a user-centered design approach, we work with diverse partners to optimally define their project and technical needs, ideate and prototype possible solutions, and deliver user-friendly, co-produced data products in an efficient manner.
  • Because increased access to and use of earth data does not lead inexorably to better decisions, we partner with the most active and ambitious organizations to ensure that analyses are tailored to inform proven leaders who are committed to action.
  • We bridge multiple scientific domains with communities of practice to bring useful science and the right tools to the people who need them most.

Computational infrastructure

From tasking supercomputers to allocating massive data storage in the cloud, we build flexible environments for cleaning, understanding, and analyzing an enormous variety of complex datasets.
  • The proper allocation of compute resources can make or break an analysis. We design custom computing environments that interface cleanly with vast amounts and types of environmental, geospatial, and other ‘big data.’
  • We build pipelines and workflows informed by our scientific expertise, to guide the appropriate and reproducible use of data that scales with modern computational capabilities.
  • From advising on infrastructure design to untangling messy datasets to building end-to-end, cloud-based solutions, we bring a software engineering perspective to everything we do.

Advanced earth observations and AI

We use the latest remote sensing datasets (drone and satellite imagery, radar, etc.) and state-of-the-art deep learning methods to provide new insights at scale.
  • We deploy or custom develop remote sensing techniques for precision mapping applications, analyses of ecosystem dynamics, monitoring landscape disturbance and change over time, and projecting climate change and land use impacts.
  • We creatively combine diverse types of remotely sensed data with artificial intelligence and massive cloud computing resources to provide insights at relevant spatial and temporal scales.
  • Our multidisciplinary approach to problem solving draws not just from our depth of expertise in remote sensing and diverse modeling approaches, but also from our expertise in computer science, engineering, mathematics, and statistics.

Dynamic tools

We put interactive data visualizations and continuously updated information directly into the hands of decision makers.
  • The interconnectedness of the world expresses itself in complex and often daunting ways. Our approach to product design and delivery leverages new technology and the artistry of our staff, as well as the creativity of nature.
  • Decisions are only as good as the data underlying them. We create dashboards, web-based applications, and websites that continuously and automatically update, as new data become available, for decision making in near real time.

Case Studies