The Analytics Lab develops software solutions that enable us to answer complex questions about our natural world and society in real time.

We leverage Earth observation, artificial intelligence, and our deep expertise in ecology, social science, and data science so our partners can develop thoughtful, informed solutions at the speed of change.

Putting decision-ready tools into the hands of people who most need them, so we can address issues like climate change, habitat degradation, and species loss in real time, when and where it matters.

What We Do

We bring computational power and a software engineering perspective to the scientific process, using novel methods to gain new insights at a different scale than was possible before.
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Collaborative Design

We work hand in hand with experts and end users to identify the most relevant inputs and outputs for actionable science.

Computational infrastructure

From tasking supercomputers to allocating massive data storage in the cloud, we build flexible environments for cleaning, understanding, and analyzing an enormous variety of complex data sets.

Advanced earth observations and AI

We combine the latest remote sensing datasets (lidar, drone/satellite imagery, radar) with state-of-the-art deep learning methods to provide new insights at scale

Dynamic tools

We put interactive data visualizations and continuously updated information directly into the hands of decision makers.

We are changing the way conservation science works, for the betterment of people and our planet.

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